Available courses

Taught by Peter Harvey and other experienced Samatha meditation teachers, using written and recorded material that Peter has developed over many years in teaching traditional face-to-face classes, the aim is to have a group of people reflectively learning the practice, stage by stage, together, as in a non-online class.

The Samatha Trust is happy to acknowledge that Peter Harvey is a teacher of meditation within the tradition of practice initiated in the UK by Nai Boonman Poonyathiro in the 1960s, which is now taught in classes across the UK, in the USA, in Ireland and elsewhere (https://www.samatha.org/). At the same time, both the Trust and Peter would wish to make clear that neither these writings, nor any others, are to be regarded as a  ‘definitive’ expression of this tradition. They represent one person’s experience and understanding which he has chosen to make available to others in this way.